Ayama Yoga Training Retreats




Yoga Teacher Trainings 200 & 300hrs

in Greece and India



The Ayama Yoga Teacher Training presents a chance to extend your boundaries and explore new perspectives. Our program, a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, is designed to be a life-changing experience. We share our personal insights with you and demonstrate how you can transform yourself both physically and mentally. Our goal is to heighten your consciousness, help you rediscover your inner self, and live mindfully every moment. By participating in this training, you can unlock a wealth of opportunities for a fresh start, whether it’s a new vocation or a new way of life.



Yoga is a discipline that teaches individuals to develop a sense of calmness amidst chaos, serving as a guide to a transformative journey towards self-discovery. It is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the practice, its evolution, and fundamental principles. Our program covers the history of yoga, the importance of achieving harmony between the body and mind, and strategies to accomplish this goal. Through our course, you will acquire the knowledge necessary to become a certified yoga instructor and share the benefits of yoga with others.




Creating a sense of community is a crucial aspect of our yoga training program. To achieve this, we ensure that our groups are small, with a maximum of 16 individuals. Our approach is down-to-earth and friendly, and we prioritize providing each participant with individual attention, personalized feedback, and guidance. Our goal is to cultivate confident and competent yoga teachers who are equipped to guide their own students with safety and care. We believe that yoga teacher training should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their age, race, physical abilities, or personal beliefs. Each person carries a unique “cosmos” within them, and every body is different. However, yoga is open to all who seek to unite their body, mind, and soul.

If you’re interested in pursuing a professional career, all of our courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance.




Ayama Yoga Teacher Training Courses focus on imparting the true essence of Yoga, and equipping you with the knowledge and skills to confidently apply it in your personal practice. Our courses are designed to provide an authentic and in-depth understanding of the practical and physical aspects of Yoga. By mastering this solid foundation, you will be able to share your genuine personal experience from the heart with your future students. At Ayama Yoga Training, we offer you the opportunity to turn your passion and devotion for Yoga into a fulfilling profession. As the saying goes, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

200hrs Ayama Yoga Teacher Training Retreats


If you sense the urge to delve further into yoga and are interested in exploring the mind-body connection, muscles, alignment, and philosophy, and if you’re curious about the next stage in your yoga journey, consider taking the plunge and enrolling in our distinctive and profoundly experiential yoga studies program. Through this program, you can transform yourself and your life.

Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course serves as the fundamental program and is authorized by Yoga Alliance. We equip you with the essential knowledge, practice, and assurance to commence your own journey as a Yoga teacher, prioritizing safety and care.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu


If you have already completed a 200 hour training program but are seeking further knowledge, inspiration and growth, our 300 HOUR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect opportunity for you. This rigorous course is designed for individuals who are passionate about yoga, have a strong foundation in the practice, and want to enhance their skills to an advanced level.

By enrolling in this training program, you will not only elevate your personal practice but also your professional one. You will have access to a wide range of experiences that will aid you in becoming a better instructor, enabling you to realize your full potential in academic, personal, and professional realms.

200hrs Ayama Yoga Teacher Training Retreats

6 Reasons for Choosing Us

300hrs Ayama Yoga Teacher Training Retreats

High Quality Education

Our program is renowned for its exceptional quality standards, and we have extensive experience in teaching and training which we are happy to share with you. A multitude of our students have achieved great success, opening their own studios, leading yoga retreats, and delivering high-quality workshops and seminars. In fact, some have even gone on to conduct their own trainings or YACEP seminars.

300hrs Ayama Yoga Teacher Training Retreats

Small Groups
Big Love

Our preference is for small groups with a strong sense of love and connection. Our belief is that an intimate learning experience between teachers and students fosters interactive creativity. Our goal is to create a setting that allows for individual attention to each student, thereby tailoring the yoga practice to their unique needs. To achieve this, we limit our groups to only 16 individuals.

300hrs Ayama Yoga Teacher Training Retreats

Genuine Authenticity

Currently, there are numerous yoga teacher training programs available, varying in quality from exceptional to subpar. However, our program distinguishes itself by prioritizing authenticity as the key factor for both contented individuals and accomplished instructors. Thus, during this training, we strive to assist you in uncovering your own unique source of authenticity.

300hrs Ayama Yoga Teacher Training Retreats

Hand Picked Locations

After spending considerable time living with the locals and becoming familiar with the surroundings, we have meticulously handpicked all the destinations. Our aim is to create the perfect blend of a vibrant atmosphere, nutritious food, and breathtaking natural scenery for the practice of yoga. As a result, we can confidently claim to know these locations like our own homes.

300hrs Ayama Yoga Teacher Training Retreats

Variety of Teachers

While we hold the belief that there is only one form of yoga, we acknowledge that each teacher brings their own personal experience and understanding of the practice. This is seen as a valuable benefit for our students as we ensure that every 200-hour yoga teacher training includes a minimum of four teachers. Each teacher is able to share their individual perspective on yoga.

Ayama Yoga Teacher Training Retreats in Greece, India.

The Best Gift to Yourself

If everyone received a month of yoga training, this world would certainly be a better place. Our training program is open to anyone, regardless of whether you are going to teach or not. You can benefit you by enhancing your everyday life, your knowledge of the human body, and advancing your yoga practice. This form of self-care is a valuable investment in yourself, and you deserve it!


Years of Experience

Great Teachers

Dreamy Locations

Succeful Graduates

Overview of Ayama Yoga Training Retreats

Ayama Yoga Training Retreats in Greece, India.


Accomodation & Food

Tuition fees and lots more

For 200 HOURS: Recomended 1 year, for Beginners & Intermediate.
For 300 HOURS: Only for holders of 200hrs cerificate

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, we focus equally on both.

23 or 27 days, depending on course.

1 Day per week, to relax, study and explore the surroundings.

Breakfast, Snack & Dinner (except days off). Vegetarian only.

2 Books, Multimedia material, Access to our digital platform.

PARTICIPANTS: 16 persons max.
We keep the groups small and give personal attention.


Take your pick and Join Us!

Carefully selected destinations, each with a distinct energy that enhances your immersion in a yoga teacher training program.

Read what they say about us

I searched a lot to find the right place to do my yoga training and Christos from the first moment made me feel safe as I had little experience. It was the best choice I could have made… It opened up roads that I didn’t know existed… The whole team is amazing, very well organized and the retreat in all is a unique experience!


I attended the 200-hour training program in 2018 after an extensive search to find the right place and people to help me discover the world of yoga beyond mat practice. Christos was that person who, from the very first conversation, made me feel warm and confident about what would follow.


I completed my training in Ayama 2 years ago. I would go back in time and relive it if I could. Knowledge with substance, love and care. Proper guidance for development and support. For me, now, Ayama is a nest that I can return to whenever I need to.


A yoga training program that gave me the strength, in addition to being a lifelong student of yoga, to also share the path I walk and continue to learn. I am thrilled with the experience and highly recommend it. I thank all the teachers of Ayama Yoga House for the endless knowledge they generously share.


I feel deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to complete Ayama’s teacher training program. The essential knowledge, the effective method, the holistic approach and of course the wonderful teachers helped me delve into the philosophy & practice of authentic yoga


Each teacher with their own gifts, always willing to help us. They supported me to overcome my physical and mental obstacles. Thank you for everything!


Ready to Make a Change?

Experience a transformative training for the heart through this yoga teacher program! Develop skills and tools to enhance not only your role as an instructor but also your personal growth, ultimately allowing you to assist others in their own transformation