Yoga Mentorship

“There is nothing to teach man,

you can only help him find out

what is already inside him”

~ Galileo Galilei ~

Although most basic education programs cover satisfactorily the key issues (anatomy, alignment, adjustments, etc.) we all recognize that even the best 200 hour basic education provides just one foundation. After graduation, a new phase begins for each new teacher that requires constructive assessment, specific guidance and deepening in order to discover, develop and express their particular potential.

“Yoga Mentorship” is a personalized program tailored to each participant’s personal needs. It’s a personal guidance for Yoga Teachers and its designed for any graduate of a 200 hour basic education who wants to improve, deepen, reassess their yoga knowledge and feel confident with the personal guidance of an experienced mentor. Continuous study and dedication are essential to expressing our uniqueness in the teaching of yoga in the most excellent way.

Teaching Material

Some of the topics we are willing to guide you at a deeper
level are:

  • Find out WHY you teach so that your own authentic voice will facilitate your teaching.
  • Learn how to keep your fitness & energy level at its best.
  • Develop a more sophisticated individual practice according to your temperament, seasons, injuries.
  • Take advantage of our course planning guidance eg thematic classes, in which order to use asanas.
  • Improve your verbal guidance with clear and effective instructions.
  • Feel confident about guiding mixed-class classes.
  • Enrich your knowledge of energy anatomy and how to incorporate it into your teaching.
  • How to touch when adjusting, improving or helping a body in a position.
  • Deepen your understanding of ancient texts and the philosophy of yoga.
  • How to design and organize a seminar, yoga retreats, events
  • General tips & techniques for teaching such as classroom behavior and communication.
  • Business-conscious marketing, ie: Website, Social media, general promotion, etc.
  • The Secrets to Successfully Teaching Private Lessons.
  • How to esteem yourself. When to teach for free and when not to.
  • And much more!


The Yoga Mentorship personal training program is available throughout the year and gives you the opportunity to choose when to start, as well as the duration of 3 MONTHS or > 6 MONTHS, depending on the time you want to invest. The start date is set each time after consulting with your mentor. The program offers the opportunity for deepening and valuable knowledge in places you want to focus more on:

1. Sequencing:
The succession of asanas, how and why we “build” a number of postures.
2. Assisting & Adjusting:
The Art of Touch When Helping with Hands.
3. Verbal Instruction:
Communication & Classroom Management.
4. Marketing:
Social media, Website and more.
5. Yoga Sutras:
Understanding ancient texts and how to transfer their wisdom to your classes.
6 Yoga for all:
Alternative practices for special cases (Restorative & Gentle yoga).
7. Personal Sadhana:
Personalized guidance for your personal development.

The program in both of its options includes all of the following.

Dharma Yoga Mentorship:

3 months, minimum duration 80 hours

COST: 480€
180€ + 2 monthly installments
VAT not included

Ayama Yoga Mentorship:

6 months, minimum duration 150 hours

COST: 870€
300€ + 5 monthly installments
VAT not included

  • Practical training:

    Unlimited subscriptions to weekly sections of our site for 3 or 6 months respectively. At least 2 sessions per week are required in classes taught by your mentor or other teachers in our area, but approved by the mentor.


  • Note:

    All participants need to attend as observers in at least 3 classes each month that your mentor teaches or other tutors approved by the mentor.


  • Teacher assistant:

    When your mentor thinks you are ready he will ask you to be his assistant in one of his lessons. Depending on your development, you may be asked to teach in more classes that your mentor is instructing.

  • Organise a Workshop:

    You will have the opportunity to co-organise with your mentor one of his own workshops and participate in teaching with him. Duration 6-8 hours



  • Two private lessons each month.

    Each month you will be assigned two private lessons (120 minutes) with your mentor on a day and time you will agree on. This is a personalised practice designed exclusively for your needs.


  • Two meetings every month.

    Twice a month you will have the opportunity to have a personal meeting (1 hour) with your mentor to ask questions, analyze or develop and deepen your knowledge on any topic you need to focus on the most.

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