Valerie Saier

To me, the philosophy and techniques of Yoga are the basis and practical tools that serve in the alignment of mind, body, soul and heart to make our life and behavior the authentic reflections of our superior self. Through exercises we can discover who we really are as well as our interaction with life and life’s interaction with us. Free soul, explorer… I’ve followed different styles of Yoga classes.

I believe that theory gets valued only when applied in everyday life and in my search for the implementation of wellbeing I was also trained in other techniques: NLP, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra… which helped me to bridge eastern philosophy with western way of living. Another important thing to me is the emphasis on respect: of freedom, of motives and beliefs of the individual, as well as of search of harmony and personal truth.

Today I am a teacher of Yoga E-RYT 200, a member of the international organization Yoga Alliance & Federation Francophone de Yoga. I teach Yoga and Yoga Nidra. I also work as a Master NLP Life Coach & Mindfulness Instructor. I participate in training programs of 200 and 300 hours of Yoga House. Also, with the purpose of implementing well-being and self-awareness I’ve created different workshops such as: The Revelation of communication – a training program of Yoga Nidra – Yoga Life Coaching and others.

I was born in France and lived in Germany and England before I chose to live in Greece 15 years ago. I’ve been doing many different jobs before teaching Yoga. At first I was trained as an accountant and I was also: teacher assistant in elementary school – responsible for the organization and planning of events in order to find resources for AIDS in France – dancer and part of the mascot team in Rust/Germany – manager of entertaining team in Rhodes/Greece – teacher and in charge training Supervisor in London and Athens – I’ve also undertaken voluntary work and social contribution.

If somebody asked me if I wanted to do everything again, I’d answer YES! Because I’ve confirmed that everything I’ve done has given me the experience to help and understand people I meeting in my life.

My meeting with Yoga began 20 years ago (1993) in France, throug the system Satyananda. In 1998 I graduated from Gymnastics Academy of France –B.E.E.S.- with the degree of sports training teacher. In 2004 I travelled in London, where I attended a full teacher training course of 300 hours recognized by Yoga International Network, with the duration of 2 years. At the same time, I attended lectures and classes of meditation at the Brahma Kumaris University. My first subscription in Yoga Alliance was in 2007 and in 2010 I took the training course of Yoga House in order to deepen my knowledge. In my search for implementing the well-being I was trained at NLP & in Mindfulness (2012-2015). My last training was in Yoga Nidra by Swami Madhurananda, member of Vishwa Yoga Samsad and International Advisors & Director of the Ayurvedic & Contemporary Sciences.

My classes are a journey we take together in which I share freely my knowledge and my experience for Pranayama, Yoga Nydra, Flow Yoga, Mindfulness, Mandra and NLP. In some places you feel the flow, in others you open up in another dimension of yourself. We salute the Sun and the moon and you discover secret places.

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