Ayama-Yoga House in partnership with Birthing and Dancing jointly organize a training program for Prenatal Yoga – Pre & Post-natal Yoga. the program is led by the distinguished Gaia Laskou who shares her heart, knowledge and experience. Prenatal yoga means specific yoga practices that cover the whole field of fertility, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and childbirth.

The program, totaling 90 hours fully meets the requirements of the Yoga Alliance © (USA) international certification body and is specifically designed for the natal period. We place particular emphasis on the safety, care, empowerment and nourishment of our pregnant and new moms, so that daily family life is happy, relaxed, and enjoyable.

It is addressed to yoga teachers, perinatal health professionals, future moms and dads, whom conception is expected or has already occurred, and anyone who wishes to explore the mystery of a human being’s coming to earth.



The educational program for Pre & Post-natal Yoga Training, duration of 90 hours,consists of two separate Levels that compose a comprehensive Prenatal Yoga training. It includes hands-on training – a prerequisite for completing training and obtaining a diploma – which can be done in the morning and afternoon, in the presence of the instructor and other yoga teachers. The purpose of the training is to gain knowledge on prenatal yoga and to showcase your personal teaching style. Upon completion of training you will have important tools to operate your own prenatal yoga classes consistently, safely and effectively.

At Level 1, duration of 55 hours, we focus on yoga practice for pregnancy. The first round is an educational seminar for Advanced Yoga Teacher Training RYS 300 and accompanied by Certification of Attendance.

At Level 2, duration of 35 hours, we delve deeper into techniques and practices related to the postpartum period and after pregnancy. The second cycle completes the time required to complete the PRYS training program and leads to the acquisition of the PRYT Diploma (Prenatal Registered Yoga Teacher).



Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

 Part 1


25 -26 January 2020

15 – 16 February 2020


Saturday: 11.00 – 20.00

Sunday: 09.00 – 16.00

Seminar Level Ι

Prenatal Yoga

DURATION: 30 hours + 25 hours practice & written assessments

Level I Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Training is also included in the Advanced Teacher Training Yoga RYS 300. It focuses on the pregnancy period and how yoga can be helpful to the expectant mother. Includes 2 Weekends (30 hours) theoretical & practical training plus an additional 25 hours of practical training & written assessments. More specifically we will focus on the following:

  • Hatha Yoga Practice
  • Introduction to the Prenatal Circle
  • Yogi principles and Prenatal
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnant Women
  • The stages of pregnancy
  • The Peculiarities of a Prenatal Yoga Class – Pregnant Needs, Course Structure, Adaptation to a Proper Environment
  • Chakras and Bodies
  • Practices for emotional release
  • Asanas in Pregnancy – Adaptations and Contraindications
  • Yoga Nidra – Yoga for deep relaxation
  • Nada Yoga- Yoga of sound
  • Μudras – hand and body positions
  • Prenatal yoga and dancing
  • Visions and Meditations for Mother and Couple
  • Postpartum stands
  • Giving birth in our own unique way
  • Principles of postnatal exercise – practice
  • Parenthood as a spiritual path


Level ΙΙ Seminar

Pre & Post natal Yoga

Duration: 15 hours + 20 hours of practice & written assessments


Level II offers more knowledge and insight into Overall Periodic Yoga and is required to complete the required hours to obtain the Yoga Alliance PRYT certification. Includes 1 Weekend (15 hours) theoretical and practical training in Prenatal & Postnatal yoga and 20 hours internships & writing assignments. More specifically we will focus on the following:

  • Yogi Practices to Relieve Common Pregnancy Disorders
  • The placenta and its significance
  • VBAC ( Vaginal birth after caesarean section ) and yoga
  • Breastfeeding and meditation
  • The needs of the newborn
  • Yogi practices for mom and baby
  • How does Prenatal Yoga help create a peaceful world?

During this seminar, topics that will arise in the practice of the participants will be discussed in detail.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Part 2


9 – 10 May 2020


Saturday: 11.00 – 20.00

Sunday: 09.00 – 16.00


It includes attending at least 5 prenatal yoga classes at Yoga House and teaching at least 4 individual and 4 prenatal yoga classes. It can take place between the Level I seminar and the Level II seminar.

Study – Written Works


  • Reading suggested books on related topics
  • Monitoring of suggested audiovisual material
  • Written assignment with topic selection after consultation with the instructor

It can be completed within one year of the end of Level I seminar.


Upon completion of training ( 90 hours ), a Certificate of Prenatal Yoga Teaching is given to certified yoga teachers and a Certificate of Attendance to those who are not certified yoga teachers. The training program is recognized by the Yoga Alliance (USA).

Participation Cost:

  • Level Ι: 400€ (30 hours seminar + 25 hours of practice & written assessments)
  • Level ΙΙ: 150€ (15  hours seminar + 20 hours of practice & written assessments)
  • Early bird: 480€ until 10 December 2019 for Comprehensive Perinatal Yoga
    VAT not included


Gaia is the mother of a five-year-old girl. The journey to fertility began with belly dance, which he still dances and teaches. He has also been involved in energy therapy for several years and holds the title Usui Reiki Master-Teacher . Her contact with yoga in 2001 helped her discover how beneficial yoga can be for pregnancy physically and mentally. In 2009 she continued her yoga training and is a recognized member of the International Yoga Teacher Association. She specializes in perinatal yoga and holds a Diploma in Periodic Yoga (Birth and Postnatal Yoga) from Birthlight, Cambridge, UK and a CPD (Continuous Professional Education) in Geneva (Birthing Lightly). It has been providing group and individual lessons for pregnant women, infants with babies and couples for three years. She is a Childbirth Maternity Assistant trained by DONA International, U.S.A., the largest international maternity assistants organization, trained by Debra Pascali-Bonaro (creator of the documentary “Orgasmic Birth”). During her education she has attended seminars on breastfeeding and very often works as a home delivery and maternity assistant.


What are the requirements for participation?
In order to be able to attend the Training Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have completed the 200 Hour Basic Yoga Teacher Training recognized by the most important international organizations.
  • Interview with Gaia Laskou, Lead trainer for Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
  • Completed application and candidate questionnaire
  • Sincere desire for Learning, Development and Adaptability

What certifications do you provide?
  • PRYT Yoga Alliance Prenatal Registered Yoga Teacher
    (with 90-hour attendance completion)


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