Some points that I think they deserve your attention when you are in yoga classes.

  1. The teacher encourages students to frequently do their own practice at home and to avoid sticking with him/her or with the studio. Bad for business, good for Yoga!
  2. The teacher to be relaxed, friendly, look people in the eye and be open to a two-way discussion of important issues. If you notice particular «reverence» or «subservience» to the teacher, this is a signal that you may be better off keeping «safety distances» and / or moving away.
  3. When you feel things in the classroom. It can be joy, it can be sadness, but it’s a “space” that allows you to retreat, relax and feel instead of just another form of stimulating the senses and the mind.
  4. The instructions given during the practice to help you tune in to the miracle that already exists in your body. Instead of “planting” more “yoga” standards on how you should look, feel, bend or dress!
  5. A truly effective lesson invites you to engage whole, soul and body in what you experience / feel, right there and then. Instead of “dreaming” of a better future, version of yourself.
  6. Breathing should be emphasized as the purpose of asana and not as an addition or a second priority. Instructions are meant to guide you so that your breathing is synchronized with movement and complete. Description should be clear during practice, to be able to focus on it and relax from thoughts, goals, comparisons, worries, etc. If you feel that you are constrained by your thoughts, then the concentration may not have been very convincing. in breathing, e.g. it may not have been clear that breathing is the focal point of reference for Asana.
  7. Clumsy help / adjustments are not necessary. If you REALLY need a touch, ask for a hug from a friend or look for a companion, a cat or a dog. Trust your body’s intelligence and let it adapt when it feels ready and not when the teacher judge it’s necessary even if he has enough experience and / or best intentions.
  8. Humor and fun are allowed. Maybe (?) They are often necessary. Don’t trust anyone who takes themselves too seriously. We are experiencing quite seriousness. When you are happy you honor the gift of life.

It seems that today, to a great extent, yoga taught by people with the best of intentions (or sometimes not) is leniently inadequate if not dangerous at times. And this is important, because “yoga” is often used to gain credibility and content, emptiness and toxicity. True yoga is beyond doctrines and rejects any power structure because it only creates a space for contact with the heart.

Only if we look genuinely within ourselves will we find the answers to whatever we need. As Galileo said: “You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help him discover what is already in him.”

With Love


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